Faculty Development Programme Advance
Bibliometric Analysis & Smart Pls

Day-1 (22 Nov, 2021 ), Dr. Shalini Sahni

  • Basics of Bibliometric Analysis,
  • Extracting Data for bibliometric analysis
  • Research Methodology for Bibliometric Papers using HistCite
  • Bibliometric Analysis Using Vos viewer: Co-Citation coupling, bibliographic coupling, , keyword co-occurrence

Day- 2 ( 23 Nov ) Dr. Shalini Sahni

  • Advance Bibliometric Analysis using Biblioshiny (R Package)
  • Lotkas Law, MDS, Clustering,
  • Thematic Map, Thematic Evolution and Intellectual Structure

Day- 3 ( 24 Nov ) Dr. Atul Shiva

  • Software Installation; Theoretical Framework and Conceptual Model
  • Covariance based SEM and Variance Based SEM
  • Reflective and Formative Constructs
  • Measurement Model Assessments of Reflective Constructs
  • HTMT 1 and HTMT 2 methods

Day- 4 ( 25 Nov ) Dr. Atul Shiva

  • Measurement Model Assessments of Formative Constructs
  • Structural Model Assessments as per Hair et al. (2022), Saari et al. (2021) and Ghasemy et al. (2020).

Day- 5 ( 26 Nov ) Dr. Atul Shiva

  • Galit Shmueli’s PLS Predict; Sample Size requirements as per G*Power Software;
  • Multivariate Normality using Web Power; Investigating Common Method Bias

Day- 6 ( 27 Nov ) Dr. Atul Shiva

  • Mediation Analysis (VAF method and Bootstrapping method
  • Moderation Analysis (Categorical and Interaction)

Day- 7 ( 28 Nov ) Dr. Atul Shiva

  • Measuring Invariance in Composites (MICOM)
  • PLS – Multi Group Analysis
  • Higher Order Modeling (HoC) in PLS-SEM

Resource Persons

Dr. Atul Shiva is working as Associate Professor in University School of Business, Chandigarh University,Mohali. His area of specialization is Behavioural Finance and Business analytics . He is a certified trainer of Smart PLS Software from Northern Institute of Technology, Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH), Germany. His leading SCOPUS publications are in National and International Journals like Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research – Taylor and Francis (B Category ), Qualitative Research in Financial Markets - Emerald (B Category) GBR - SAGE (C) classification), World Review of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (C category), Indian Journal of Marketing (C Category).

Dr. Shalini Sahni is a co-founder of Koach Scholar and prior to this has an experience of fifteen years in academia and corporate. She was associated as Asst. Professor with affiliated institutes of GGSIP University, New Delhi. Her teaching areas are HR, OB, Performance Management and Research Methodology. She is also an international Emotional Quotient and PPA Thomas trainer. Her leading SCOPUS publications are in National and International Journals like Global Business Review (ABDC--C), Vision (ABDC- C),FIIB Review (ABDC-C) , Springer and others.


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